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Thank you for your interest in Progressive Orthodontics & Dentistry.  Over the years, we have developed programs that make our education available to every dentists, no matter where the live.  From the most remote locations in the world, to major metropolises, Progressive has trained dentists in almost every country.  

If you are interested in taking our seminars, and do not live in  a country that currently has an educational center, you have a number of options:

1.) Travel to the nearest location for our live class:  We offer seminars in 28 locations worldwide, so hopefully you can find a location that is close to you.  To take our live Comprehensive Orthodontics course, you will need to travel to 12 seminars over roughly 2 years.  All of our locations teach the same material, so you can combine differerent locations worldwide.  To view the details of any of our current locations, please click on the location below.miles.gif

2.) Take our Internet Assisted Training Program at any of our 6 regional locations: California, Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, South Africa, Costa Rica, Argentina and India.  You will do the majority of your studying on your own, with travel required to 4 live modules.  For more information on our IAT program, please click the link on the left.

3.) Live/ IAT Combination class: If you prefer the live version, but 12 travel dates is too much, another option is to combine the IAT and live education.  In this program, you will attend 7 of the live classes and rely on the Internet study for the remaining 5 seminars.  With our Free Retake policy, you can continue to study in either format in the future free of charge.

4.) IAT In-0ffice: If you are interested in our IAT program, and can find 4 friends that would like to take it with you, we now offer an IAT in-office program, in which the 4 live seminars can be held in your practice, anywhere in the world, eliminating any traveling for you.  For more information, please view IAT In-Office to the left.

No matter which of our courses you decide to take, I feel confident that you will see why the majority of our students come from referrals...we are practical, progressive, and have the best support in the industry!

Best Regards,

Miles McGann
Chief Executive Officer